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This exhibit is presented by the Georgetown Rug Hooking Society, which started about 10 years ago with some friends – one being Marsha Hymer. Marsha learned how to hook rugs after receiving a rug cutter and pattern from her family. She then took classes and continues to take the group to workshops at least once a year. 


The process to make a rug isn’t easy. Each design is drawn on paper accurate to size, then covered with netting. The design is then drawn onto the netting an put on the flat, back side of the fabric with a waterproof pen. Wool is the primary, but not only, fabric that can be used. After that, the rug is ready to be made!

The "Art of Hooking Rugs" promo video.

The group gets together once a week to hook and knit rugs and grew as more women learned about the activity. Each rug is unique by each woman – if three women had the same pattern, they would all be different! Come by to see these hand-made rug!

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