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The History of Garth High School


Garth High School was built on the former spot of the Georgetown Female Seminary in 1925. The school was named after Edwin Claude Garth who was killed in an automobile accident. His parents donated a substantial amount of money toward the purchase of land for the new school as a memorial to their son. J.W. Lancaster, Superintendent of Georgetown City Schools at the time, sought a way within the strict law of bonded indebtedness to provide for the school at a cost of $200,000. The solution he proposed was so ingenious that it was named the "Georgetown Case" and copied by approximately 75 other school boards across the Commonwealth. After a struggle to finance the building, Garth opened for classes in 1927. It was an architectural wonder designed by Frankel and 

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and Curtis architects. The Collegiate Gothic style building was composed of buttresses, towers, stone labels, and a battlement roofline, giving it a timeless feel. 

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