Vietnam Exhibit Coming May 19th!

(info at the bottom of the page to have your artifacts in this exhibit!)

We currently do not have our rotating exhibit open as we are preparing for our upcoming exhibit highlighting the Veterans from the Vietnam War that are from Scott County. 

On May 19th, 1:00 p.m. at Elkhorn Crossing School, 2001 Frankfort Pike, we are having an opening premiere for a documentary that includes interviews from local Vietnam Veterans titled, "The Vietnam War Through the Eyes of Scott County". 

The county and anyone who is interested to attend is welcomed to come. Following this premiere will be the opening of the Vietnam Exhibit here at the museum! 

Come visit us!

If any Veterans or loved ones have artifacts from the Vietnam War we are accepting 5-6 from each to possibly be featured in this upcoming exhibit! 

We will be taking those artifacts during museum times for the next couple of weeks.