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The History of Ed Davis High School


In 1884 a school was erected for the specific purpose of giving African American students a permanent school building. Professor Charles Steele, heralded as a distinguished educator, was named the first principal of the new school. Edward B. Davis followed as principal in 1908. In 1911 a two-year high school curriculum was added and in 1924 a four-year high school curriculum. In 1929 the PTA petitioned the school board to name the school in honor of Principal Edward Davis. Ed Davis High School became an accredited high school in 1934. Edward Davis' wife Betty Davis became principal upon his death in 1934. One of her greatest accomplishments while the principal was the establishment of a scholarship loan fund to assist worthy students in obtaining post-high

Ed Davis High School.jpeg

school education. Mr. Benjamin Goodloe Patterson succeeded her as principal in 1943 and continued the fine curriculum as well as adding new programs despite the lack of equipment and funds. In May of 1956, the last class graduated from Ed Davis High School due to the Supreme Court ruling on desegregation. Ed Davis joined Garth High School in the Fall of 1956. Later, both schools became part of Scott County High School.

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